This blog is full of name-dropping so here is a list of people/places/pups for your reference.  

kyle - the husband

also known as -KJH- 

and one half of the -McHowes- (I'm the other half)

Kyle and I met on a beer drinking team in Montreal where we were both science students way back in 2008.  We started dating in our last semester of our last year and figured it would be a short and sweet summer romance but turns out we were made of something that gets-married-a-month-after-our-8th-anniversary.  

Kyle is an American from upstate New York, but became a Canadian in July 2015.  He works as an air quality meteorologist- he does not go on TV but he loves to talk about the weather with anyone willing to listen.

We made our home in Vancouver in 2010 and love exploring, eating and drinking our way around the city.  


When I was almost 2 years old my parents told me I was getting a Christmas present named Marie, and she's been my best friend ever since.  

We shared a room together until I turned 18 and moved out, and now live just a few blocks away from each other. 

She's my creative confidant, style advice guru, exercise/drinking/shopping buddy, and luckily for me, Kyle's best friend too.  

We have a brother who we found out about in 2008 and we are both the proud Aunties of 2 incredible nephews.  


mckee - the terrible awful evil dog

Kyle and I rescued a wonderful little 10 month old blue heeler named Mckee in 2011.  Within an hour of signing the adoption papers she demonstrated that she is in fact, the worst.

Girlfriend has some serious mental health issues, so much so, that the holistic animal vet put her on Prozac for 4 years.  

We love her to pieces, and she's getting so much better, but honestly, she's nobody's dream dog.  


vancouver- the city

We've been renting the same apartment in the Mount Pleasant // East Vancouver (read: hipster) neighbourhood of the city of glass and rain since we moved here 6 years ago.  We pretty much love it here.

We spend most of our time over in East Van, eating local food, drinking beer from our nearby breweries and struggling to keep our 580 sqft loft apartment clean and decorated.  

travel - the world view informant

I really love to travel and it's shaped a lot of who I am.

The majority of my travel is low-budget, although now that I'm in my 30s I find I sometimes splurge for things like air conditioning.

I often cannot believe how lucky I've been to travel as much as I have.  Some of my most notable and world-view shaping reference journeys are -

that time lived in Australia for a year when I was 13 (with my whole family) and that other time when I lived in Zambia for 6 months working for a gender-rights organization, Women for Change.  

that time Marie and I traveled for 3 months through South East Asia, and once stayed in a place that was $1.25 per night, split 3-ways.  that other time when Kyle and I spent a month road-tripping across the USA camping the whole way with every belonging we had.  


eva - the blogger


I'm from Quesnel, BC, which is a small northern town about halfway up the province, but I moved away to go to school in Montreal when I turned 18. My parents peaced out of town soon after that (they both live in Vancouver now too) so I haven't been back much since then.

What I do for a living is kind of vague- but I like to work to support marginalized populations especially in the context of public health.  If that doesn't make sense, don't worry a) it's confusing and b) you can check out some of my posts that explain it further.  

I'm pretty sure I'm good at crafting because I didn't have TV growing up and I was 'forced' to use my imagination a lot.  Also, if I was making stuff I didn't have to do chores.  And I'm good at braiding (above fishtail braid case in point) because I played a lot of sports in high school.