living foreva is a blog 

for people who are passionate about creating- crafts, social change and memories  

for people who have it together sometimes and the rest of the time get what it means to be really, really human

for people who can laugh at themselves

for people who know that life is messy and beautiful, and we have one wonderful chance here on earth to make the most of both the messes and the beauty



sometimes i get hella dressed up

sometimes i get hella dressed up

I'm Eva.

I like to make stuff and giant messes, eat delicious food (salads and pizza with equal fervor), drink beer, throw parties, and balance myself through exercise and inspiring and infruriating friendships.  I do my best to explore and love the world around me. 

I'm an international traveler, a small town girl, and live in Vancouver, British Columbia.   I am a gender-rights activist (that means I think women + men should be treated equally + with loads of respect + society has a lot we can do to fix that.)

My favourite thing to wear is black silk, followed closely by striped cotton.

I'm married to my college sweetheart, Kyle, and we are owners of an incredibly terrible rescue dog, Mckee, whom we love an incredibly terrible lot.

This is a lifestyle blog, and that lifestyle is mine.  It's not perfect, even though I like to curate it to look that way sometimes.  But like I said, I'm also kind of a mess.  

Importantly, I think I'm hilarious.

And I'd love to share my life with you. is filled with my own personal opinions
and does not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with