The coconut shrimp emoji

that coconut shrimp emoji tho

that coconut shrimp emoji tho

I know people get confused when I talk about the coconut shrimp emoji because apparently most people do not think it's covered in coconut, but I do.  

"I thought it might be a panko shrimp." Puh-leese.  Maybe a panko-coconut shrimp combination but that's as far as I'm willing to bend on this point.  

I use the coconut shrimp emoji a lot.  That's because sometimes I feel like if my heart were to literally explode just because it's filled with goodness it might explode with glitter and coconut shrimp.  Example situations include, new murals in my neigbourhood, amazing fitting jeans, a friend getting their dream job.  You know.  Standard shrimp + glitter items.  

The strong connection between me and this little shrimp friend started over this summer.  

hearts explode all over the world when coconut shrimp, pineapple tops, and sisters get together irl and film a boomerang

hearts explode all over the world when coconut shrimp, pineapple tops, and sisters get together irl and film a boomerang

Marie and I went to a party that served Mai Thais, so naturally, without consulting each other, we both showed up in what can best be described as 1960s poolside high class lounge wear.  I definitely added a drink umbrella to my hair over the course of the evening.  Anyway they served coconut shrimp and there was just something about it, this vintage, mildly over-the-top, delightful, delicious, unexpected, life of the party that spoke to me.  So after that I started adding the coconut shrimp emoji to things that made me want to say "YASSSS Queen."  

It will probably come as no surprise to you that around this time I also got really into creating boomerangs videos through Instagram.  I really think it captures the essence of a lot of my life, the same way a coconut shrimp emoji does.  

cherry emoji irl

cherry emoji irl

A really good friend also understood the call of the coconut shrimp emoji, but adopted the cherry emoji for himself.  So I took this photo for him.

So now I'm dying to ask- 

What's your YASSS Queen emoji // if your heart were to explode what emoji trail would it leave behind for all of us to coconut shrimp over?

It's worth thinking about.  Everyone needs a coconut shrimp emoji.  You know.  To mark the little things worth celebrating with those big hearts of ours.  

the coconut shrimp emoji feels on

... not to remove anything from that awesome climatic question I left you with, (that I really would love you to think about, and ideally let me know what you decide in the comment section below) but just in case you wanted more information on the outfits we looked so pineapple-and-real-cocktails-inspirational in I'll leave this here for you.  

Sadly it's a screenshot because the obsession with boomerangs really got underway at that party to the point where we stupidly forgot to take any non-moving photos.  I'm wearing faux-vintage from Anthropologie, but Marie is rocking a legitimate vintage find in the form of a yellow crop top and navy blue culottes.  

She's way better at vintage than I am.  But let's be real we both look good.  Like, coconut shrimp + glitter good.