Our Favourite Shari + Mike Photos

We did not consult with each other to pick these. Kyle picked more than me because he didn't feel under the same pressure to keep the list short, but basically we could have each done 50 favourites for every location.

Eva's picks


1. That's how we walk together often. I drive Kyle crazy because I make him put his arm up and over even though he could just put it around me. And then the lighting is perfect.

2. my mom said "that's exactly what a marriage should be." Captured.  We just seem so interested in each other. Plus there's a fun boat.

3. Smizing. We explained what smizing meant to my grandma and she said "well you're not doing that in this photo. It just looks like your really content and happy and feeling totally in love. You can see it in your eyes." Um Grandma, that's smizing.

4. I just love something about it, it captures my attention every time I pass it by. 

5. Spent like 3 days crying over this one when you sneak peeked it.


1. I show this to everyone when I try to explain why they should know who I am at Brassneck. Also that girls can also like beer. 

2. something about this tiny little moment

3. Makes me feel like I'm in Vogue which was an actual dream as a child/teen/early adult

4. exactly what we wanted our ceremony to feel like

5. excatly what we wanted our reception to feel like. FAVE! Favourite moment from our wedding was looking down the table and seeing all these faces laughing and loving and knowing all the work was worth it.

6. You choose your friends. You're given family. Here is where they are the same. 


1. Because how could this not be your favourite? the lines, the light, that tiny moment.

2. another moment of Eva-Kyleness. He's looking at the weather I'm looking at the rooftop colours and we're both looking out excited to be exploring together.

3. Freaking gorgeous and sweet and so full of love.

4. the most epic, bravest, stylish.

5. Um, because sometimes it's ok to love a photo where you're just like hot DAYUM thats ME.

Kyle's picks


1. I like the light and the composition of how we're standing. I think we both look beautiful.

2. It's like a capture of a small little moment between the two of us.

3. It encapsulates our relationship where I do something slapsticky and Eva's cracking up in the background of how funny it is.

4. Eva's such a total babe. #modelvibes 

5. I don't know what it is about this picture, it's just a really nice picture. The lighting is perfect and I was keeping Eva warm and ... it looks like we're in love. 


1. This speaks to Jared's personality exactly and why he's a good friend, he's always really excited about everything.

2. It's just such a good composition and the interplay between light and dark is really interesting. And I like that it's such a unique location.

3. Um, how can you not chose the first look photo that's like that? Jumping the gun, still getting the shot.

4. It's such a crappy street normally, but somehow you managed to turn it into a glamorous runway.

5. All the emotions in this photo are amazing (especially Marie's gremlin face)

6. laughs

7. this is like a tbt to university and falling in love when we used to sing Journey all the time with the same amount of passion.

8. Perfect end to a perfect night.



1. It just captures this magical place that nobody else was in.

2. it reminds me a lot of 2001 a Space Oddity, it's such a perfect use of natural lighting

3. Eva is an Icelandic horse in this photo. She was very tired and very cold. 

4. Again, it just captures so perfectly the Icelandic landscape but also, I don't know it's just crazy that we're in a scene like that.

5. It's such a unique location, but it's also fun to think about how we had to get out onto that rock and stand there and Eva was really scared.

6. Where else is there a pyramid and a deserted highway that you can just stand on for hours without seeing a car?

So apparently we don't agree on much

We love all the same artists but none of the same songs. Except the very favourites we share. So here's the independantly chosen winners:

And even though they're not exactly the same, they're similar. We love the little moments, our community, the light and the love. 

Like how do you choose between these two?


But really, you're our favourites!



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