The McHowe World Tour - Part II- Jaipur

Jaipur- the pink city

We spent more days in Jaipur than any other spot on our trip to India.  It wasn't our original plan, but such is the fate of the world traveler. Trains, cooking classes, and a job interview threw a lovely little wrench into our best laid plans but we made the most of it in this gorgeous city.  

So, about that job interview- Kyle had applied for his dream job back here in the Lower Mainland before we left and despite the prayers we sent into the wind that if he got the interview it would be in New York or Iceland, the fates had it scheduled for 1 am in India.    The story has a happy ending because he got it which means that splurging on the Ramada for the guaranteed internet and air conditioning (sweating through a Skype interview didn't seem like it would leave the best first impression) was all worth it.  He had to prepare a presentation while we were travelling on a bus and somehow he nailed it like a boss, and of course he laid it on thick with the panel that he was on his honeymoon "but guys don't even worry about it, I just truly realize how important this job is."  But it meant we spent some extra time in Jaipur so he could have a day to rest after that all-nighter.

city wandering 


a magical night at the Raj Mandir bollywood movie theater 

city palace

Jantar Mantar Observatory

actually we stayed in 4 different hotels // guest houses

Amber fort