Where to Next? Picking My Next Destination.

Despite my having travelled all over the world, fairly successfully respectfully navigating multiple cultures (I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm decently good at respecting cultures other than my own while travelling) and trying a zillion local cuisines that not everyone would maybe be on board with (let's say crickets are not the grossest thing I've ever eaten) I'm kind of shitty traveller. I panic when I have to book hotels or flights, my luggage is old and busted + not necessarily good shapes + sizes, and I do very minimal investigating before deciding where to go next. 

Alternatively all of the things that make me a bad traveller, also make me kind of a good traveller. I tend to not really panic when busses break down, or the food isn't what I thought it would be, if everything gets soaked in the ocean or in a rain storm, if our hotel needs a couch to be put across the door. And I'm still alive. And I've seen so, so many wonderful things. #blessed.

Anyway lately I've been feeling anger


When I've seen other people going on trips. This is a ridiculous emotion to experience over something I'm perfectly happy to see people doing, so I stopped + thought + decided that maybe I wasn't so much angry at other people for experiencing the world, but at myself for not planning on going anywhere. So.  Let's start "planning!"

Kyle wants to go to Europe really badly. I do too! Our 12 hours in Copenehagen changed my whole opinion about what a trip to Europe was + could be, and I thought to myself - Eva - get to Europe! You're going to love it!

I've wanted to go to Venice since I was a kid, listening to "Vivaldi's ring of Mystery" on cassette tape + I'm terrified it's going to sink before I get a chance to see it. When asked a few months ago where to next? I responded: Venice. Full matter of fact.

Obviously I have now thrown that idea entirely out the window.


I don't know.

Why not?

The world is too damn big, man + I want to see it (almost) all.

Kyle. Would. Not. Budge.

We're going to Europe, Eva.

Well, Kyle.

I kept throwing countries at him until he finally caved + agreed to two non-european countries.

I feel sometimes it might be kind of hard to be married to me.

so- We're either going to Peru or Morocco!

And I'm thrilled.

I don't know when. I don't know anything else about it. I just know that Peru is a place my sister said she loved to death, and Morocco is blowing up my Instagram in a very pleasing way.

That's all the research I really plan on doing. I'll look at the weather, the daily costs, the price + length of flights, when I can get time off work, and then see if something rises to the top. I don't think I'm going to go wrong with either choice, but I'd love some votes.

Where to next?

Peru or Morocco?