Matching Couples Are The Worst

Kyle + I are basically best friends. We love all the same stuff. We had one major disagreement over politics about 4 years ago so we just don't talk about it because it's ok to not agree on literally everything. We have different favourite songs but we love the same bands, and our favourite places to go are each of our individual favourites + they happen to match up. It's actually super awesome because we're totally different people with the same interests + aesthetics so it makes agreeing on things easy, but life is not boring, because our taste is really cool and fun + gets us up to all sorts of great things + interesting topics of conversation.

all photos in this post by Shari + Mike photographers
from our trip to Iceland to get legally married

I always say that if you're going to have identical taste it's important that it's impeccable.

This is all lovely until you have accidentally become a matching couple.

Typing that my nose went full crinkle + I made a very extreme face. I hate it. I hate it so much. But I hate it less than putting back the things that I want. As in, Kyle + I hate that we match all the time, but we both hate surrendering our beloved find even more + would rather, painfully, be teased, mocked, photographed, + laughed at then not own the things that we both want. 

I got to thinking about this matching because about a week ago Kyle told me he was getting himself a S'well water bottle. 

My first reaction turned out to be the wrong one, as my first reaction was to tell Kyle that this was ridiculous and something like getting a water bottle is not the type of decisions he needs to run by me. I just asked that he please make sure it's not the same as mine.

Here's the thing Kyle. If you ever have to say, "technically it's not the same" then technically you cannot be trusted to go solo shopping + do in fact have to run these decisions by me. Because your stone finish "azure" water bottle in dark, dark, dark navy sure looks a hell of a lot like my stone finish black one. So we're matching I guess. 

Thinking about this matching naturally got me to thinking about about our trip to Iceland which happened to be just at this time last year. A similar situation occurred that somehow had us ending up looking like the evil Icelandic hockey team from D2 The Mighty Ducks.

What happened that time is that we went shopping for fleeces + shoes that would be stylish but good for endless walking + puffer jackets + we ended up with the exact same things because we like the exact same things. The biggest moment was when we went to the shoe warehouse (it's massive) and Kyle came over wearing the same GD shoes as what I was trying on. 

Eva "I'm not putting mine back"

Kyle "well, I'm not putting mine back."

So. We match.