Getting Ready Together on Your Wedding Day

seven reasons to get ready together

First up chose a husband who is your worry stone.

When I reach out and touch Kyle or hear his voice my body sighs relief, and I am less worried. Everything is going to be ok.

I'm sure you're used to seeing this by now, but all photos in this post are by Shari + Mike Photographers.

As seen on Junebug Weddings 

Secondly choose a room with lots of light.

and if you can, make it have angles.

Your photographers + videographers are going to love you. Pay attention to the light in the room, they want the light real bad. We picked our AirBnB because it looked like it was going to photograph beautifully while we got ready. They nearly had a heart attack of happiness.

And yes, sure our AirBnB flooded when you took a shower + the host forgot to supply us with toilet paper + when we arrived the stores were closed so we couldn't buy any. Fortuntley Erin + Mac arrived earlier so with that warning we filled our pockets with toilet paper from the airport, but

nobody could say anything because that light + those angles are a photographers' // videographers dream.

Getting ready together divides the hunt for the perfectly photogenic room in half.

Thirdly trade in the thrill of a complete surprise for the joy of spending the morning together 

double fisting beer + coffee + rocking out to Father John Misty + making each other laugh.

And as people who live in a loft we're used to semi-surprising each other, meaning I say "Close your eyes! Don't look! Are you looking?" and Kyle says "no, you told me to keep my eyes closed, I understand simple instructions Eva" followed by, "are you ready yet?" and I say "no, of course not, this dress is complicated" and then I say "Ok, open your eyes!" and behold, there's me in a dress!


Kyle knew what I was going to wear, but if he hadn't we still would have gotten ready together. Waking up next to your true love, spending the morning together, sharing breakfast + 

ok on this particular morning I woke up + was a little worried the day was going to turn into a disaster because I woke up first + started watching puppy videos on Youtube + balled my eyes out which I figured meant I was going to be a mess all day. But when that happened I got to snuggle up next to Kyle and whisper "hey can you wake up and make me coffee?"

keeping each other calm as all the nerves about a really giangantically huge + emotional major life decision is being made that day

is pretty wonderful

And I snuck upstairs to put on my dress anyway. Or you could hide around a corner for those last few touches. Or get your partner to close their eyes. And then come out, saying

look at me aren't I beautiful today?

to which the only response is "my love, you're beautiful every day.

but dammmnnnn."

fourthly decide the only person who can decide when your husband is done to perfection + presentable is you

fifthly you should probably check the weather out with your meteorologist

This photo is one of my favourites because Kyle + I are checking the weather together. I'm looking mostly at the colourful city + Kyle's looking at the sky. I don't know. I think this captures a lot about getting married - looking out at the adventure together.

Also that smile + those baby blues.

sixthly it's nice to see each other when you're at your most perfect

Getting into the car to leave our AirBnB I put my heel through my skirt. So like I had a 4 minute window of perfection, was nice K got to see it.

Seventhly remember that when you love someone they take your breath away over and over again

and that having a first look with nerves on fire, heart racing, 

is going to happen a million times that day. 

You're marrying your true love. The most beautiful person you've ever known, inside + out and every time you want to take a moment + appreciate how incredible they are, how lucky you are, how perfect they look, what you're doing today

You're going to feel as though you're seeing them for the first time.