A Foggy Sunny Spring Day on the Seawall

It has been raining non stop in Vancouver.

Yeah, it does rain here a lot.  But this is a lot, a lot.  Like too much.  Like "Kyle I want to get up and go to yoga today but I'm stuck on the couch huddling under layers of blankets + the dog (she's really warm) because I went outside yesterday and needed a boat to get across the road + now I never want to go anywhere ever again as long as I live," a lot of rain.

So on last Thursday morning (this morning it's raining again) I was doing my lie in bed and check all my social media platforms thing before rolling out of bed kinda, when I saw that my Instagram feed was filled with people outside, I just shot out of bed first thing (which is not something I am known for doing) + was getting dressed to head out to the seawall with the above-mentioned warm dog when my dad asked if he could come pick up his mail.  What I heard him say is "I will hold the dog's leash so you can take photographs without worrying she's going to attack a tourist." 

When we got down to the seawall half of the sky was bright and sunny + half was fog and it was amazing.  It burned off over the course of our 2 hour, 1 km walk and what the heck.  Here's some of the shots I got.  

huzzah for an atypically sunny day finally

+ please come back sunshine.  please.