Really Good Playlists

Kyle + I have really
good taste in music.  

you can tell because these photos of us at 2 concerts in 2008 + 2009
before it was even cool to be cool.  

Our excellent musical taste is basically why we fell in love in the first place.  Kyle thought it was really cool that I went to shows with friends + I thought it was really cool how openly invested he was about his listening choices.  The first night I spent the night at his house he put on Spoon + Queens of the Stone Age with so much confidence that I thought I might be wrong thinking those were not the coolest bands ever.  Eventually "I Summon You" by Spoon became our song.  So well done Kyle's confidence.

A particular point of pride for me was when he put on Cut Copy and I said, "this sounds like new, new age" and apparently that's also what Pitchfork had said, so I was like the coolest babe ever.  Then we went to their DJ set after their show + they danced with us while Kyle wore a pale pink baby sea otter T-shirt + that was it.  We admitted we loved each other basically the next day.

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm using 

Really good taste in music

as a synonym for

we snobby AF about our music.

Kyle is way worse than I am.  He used to basically only listen to things that got a high ranking on Pitchfork, whereas I try to keep fresh by listening to the top 40 + enjoy a solid Disney singalong every now + then.  Ok.  Whenever I'm cleaning the house + need to step up my game it's Lady Gaga + the Rent Soundtrack.  

I love to make fun of Kyle for this snobbishness, but I also really love that he's always all invested in it, because then I get to sound really cool too.  I mean, I was always really cool with good taste in music too, but I didn't get to see Arcade Fire when they were playing in a small venue like Kyle did because I wasn't on top of that.  

Here's what the point of this post is anyway.

  1. The day we got engaged we started making playlists for our wedding + several of our guests + a recent dinner guest who used to be in a really cool indie band said they were amazing playlists + so I want to share them with you too.
  2. We made a fun playlist featuring one song from each of a bunch of the shows we've seen live together.  It goes from slowest to fastest songs.
  3. Kyle makes these playlists called "Work Jamz" and he currently has 2 followers, me + other friend, and we love them and can never wait for the next volume to come out.  Kyle makes them so he has something to listen to at work.  Whereas when I'm working I just listen to Sufjan Stevens + other super sleepy jamz, Kyle likes to rock out a bit, so I use his Work Jamz for on-route-to-workout and for casual-parties.  Anyway they are regularly updated, and he's currently putting together Volume 8.  I suggest you follow him so you can see Volumes 9, 10, and 11 etc.  
  4. You may have noticed that all these playlists are on Spotify.  We pay for the premium family plan + it's basically one of the best decisions we have ever made in our life.  You just can't get Tay Tay, which is too bad for me but Kyle seems nonplussed.  I'm only adding this plug in here because I am excellent at providing sage advice and we just added two new "family members" to our plan + they have both reported it's life changing.  But as long as you're willing to listen to some ads now and then, and put playlists on shuffle on your phone you can access Spotify for free.  

now here's the links to the playlists:

cocktail hour playlist

dinner playlist

shows we saw together playlist

Work Jamz Volume 1Work Jamz Volume 2Work Jamz Volume 3Work Jamz Volume 4Work Jamz Volume 5Work Jamz Volume 6,  Work Jamz Volume 7 + WOrk Jamz Volume 8.  

Plus for future Work Jamz follow or check in on Kyle on Spotify.  


Volume 14 is the most killer.

He's got a couple other great playlists too.  He was our wedding DJ + we named him DJ Hubby Howe Wow because he's amazing + it rhymes.  The playlist "Wedding After Dark" is pretty offensive + was played after my grandma + the kids went home.  Just FYI.  NSFW.  

you know.  just in case you want some really quality music in your life.