Rocky Memories - Forever Souvenirs

Souvenirs from the heart //
for your heart // and your ears

above photos from Shari + Mike Photographers

Leaving this field after saying our personal vows in Iceland we looked down and saw some funny rocks + Kyle picked one up and put it in the cup holder in our rental car.  Maybe he shouldn't have taken it but he did.  

We decided to keep it and put it in a sock + brought it to India + at some point forgot it was in a sock + thought it was lost until I was doing the "we're home + I have to wash everything" laundry and the rock tumbled out.  

I've been all over the world but you can't really tell from looking at my house.  Most of my souvenirs are tiny reminders that only mean something to me.  I didn't want to display the rock, but we wanted to treasure it + we came up with a brilliant idea.  It was extra brilliant because we also really wanted to thank our photographers + videographers for their beautiful work + for taking such good care of us on our trip.  It's extra, extra brilliant because this idea can preserve your important memories too-

We took the rock + we got it turned into jewelry.  

I worked with the incredibly talented Katherine from Foe & Dear and she made these stunning earrings for me + Shari + Erin.  We gave Mike + Maclean jam (an inside joke) + a limited edition collaboration beer with our local favourites Four Winds + Borg Brugghús  the brewery that made the beer we drank in Iceland.  Katherine took the rock into her "rock guy" and we were worried it would splinter but it was well, hard as a rock, + she sent me the above rightmost photo where she had paired up the most matching pieces + I got to pick which 3 sets would be turned into earrings.  

So next time you're on a beach in Costa Rica, or scaling the Himalayas, or along the banks of the Ganges + you reach down + grab a small rock to put in your bag, even though maybe you shouldn't, + you find it when you're home + doing your laundry, consider bringing it to a local artist and ask them to turn it into wonderful, sentimental jewelry.  Everyone will know it's beautiful + you'll know what happy memories are attached to it.