There's More To Do Outside Than Hiking

I'm from Northern BC, so a great point of pride for me is that

I'm an outdoors woman.


I don't like hiking.

So somehow suddenly everyone thinks that I'm just a city dwelling, urbanite, clad in high heels, dirt-a-phobic, basic B.  Except I'm not. Not all the time anyway. I have just been reduced to this by people who are equating outdoor in the woods time with hiking.

My dislike of hiking is sacrilegious as a British Columbian and a Vancouverite, and I know this.  But I don't feel it should preclude me from being outdoorsy. I can rough it.  I can sleep in tents, and start fires, and steer a canoe and I like roasting hot dogs.  A lot. Someone asked me what I did as a kid without TV and I said, "I dunno, played in a dirt pile?" that's part of who I am.  [I also spent time doing sparkling photo shoots]

So a summer goal is to change some of those minds who have reduced me to such without having to hike.  Much.  

I mean I live in Vancouver.  I just made plans for double-date hike + brunch for the long weekend.  

It's nonsense
But I do live here.

And don't worry.  I'm still going to wear high heels and enjoy living in the city.