West Coast Babe Essential - The Tofino Tote

So every mega babe is totes going to need one of these totes this summer.  If said mega babe lives on the west coast it's an absolute essential.  If the mega babe lives on the East coast they need to pretend to have super laid back west coast vibes and also need this tote.

These ocean inspired totes are made of a perfect canvas, are exactly the right size, have a divided pocket [one fits my phone and the other fits my wallet to a freaking T, that is thoughtful design] + are hand painted and sewn in Tofino, BC by Kayoko Kawano.   Every one is unique + beautiful, "just like every trip to the beach."  It took Marie + me 2 days to choose which ones we wanted because they're just like the sky over the ocean- each one is the best one.  Stormy or sunny or the sun setting or rising or in the winter or in the summer.  

Spiritual West Coast Babe Poetic Interlude

Writing this post had me thinking about the ocean skies I have been fortunate enough to see, and I know it's impossible to rank one against another.  The feeling in my heart, like the right there in the middle of my chest, it expands enough to just be the slightest bit painful.  And the joy-pain pops out in my eyes as tears.  Just now.  Thinking about the ocean + the sky.  

Travelling the world has been one of the luckiest pieces of my life.  I have seen so many oceans and so many skies over them.  And every time it's magical.  We just drove out of the city for about an hour and I made Kyle pull over several times as I was literally applauding the beauty of the setting sky over the ocean.  All the ferry rides.  All the little, rather precarious, boat rides.  I am not a good swimmer, and yet there's waves and suddenly I'm diving under them and getting pummeled and going back for more. 

But I think my favourite ocean skies, a feeling more than a specific memory, is camping on the beach and waking up with the sunrise, and it being really cold, and cuddling up under a blanket and watching the sun rise over the water, toes in the cool sand.  Being there with someone I love.  

One side of my bag feels a little more stormy than that.  The other feels like one of those cool sunrise moments.  Thank you Kayoko for bringing back those spirit-filling memories.  

now, back to less spiritual reasons west coast babes need this bag

Marie's + mine even arrived packaged perfectly, and I will for sure be using and reusing the hand painted ribbon.  But probably only on gifts I can guarantee that I will get it back.  ha! 

Little note: when they arrive it will be creased but NBD you can just iron it. It's pretty sturdy + durable.

I'm packing mine with a denim jacket, a change of shoes, a water bottle, a book with my Ugandian Fair Trade bookmark, my camera, a granola bar, grapes + sunglasses to head up to the park this summer.

Marie is bringing hers to the UK.  

I also took it on a spin to the Farmer's Market and it fits perfectly a camera, bag of lettuce, a 1 kg spelt loaf, a collection of fiddleheads, my leuchtturm1917 notebook, sunglasses and would manage, if they were in season + I could find them, some peas, tomatoes, and what the heck, next time let's get some locally made goat cheese + probably even more.  That pocket made it super easy to find my wallet even after I filled up my bag.  It did not fit my 3 foot, kind of sappy, apple blossom blooms, more because they were sappy and I didn't want my tote to get covered in forever-apple, and less because they didn't actually fit.  

What will be in your bag, west-coast (inspired) babe?

I am assuming you've already placed an order for one after reading this rave review.

Order your Tofino Tote here or at tofinotote@gmail.com and follow along here