La Croix. It's a Thing.

So I hate drinking water.  

Like a lot, a lot. 

But I'm very invested in being hydrated.  I even keep track of how many glasses of water I drink in a day because I'll think I've had 6 glasses and it will be 1 and I'll try to make up and chug a bunch at the end of the day.  

So I posted this fact to Instagram and someone suggested I drink La Croix.  Naturally I posted that I was drinking it and an amazing friend freaked out because apparently it's "The Cult of La Croix" and it's like a huge deal.

GUYS it is just sparkling water.

But it so fancy, you'll be like, fuck yeah!  Hydration you mine now!

When I request it from the fridge I pronounce as pretentiously as possible

"Pardone a moi, Kyle, can you grab me a La C [flemmmmmmy] rrrr waaaaaa, svp."

I also serve it in a Riedel wine glass.  The super thin glass really brings out the bubbles.  

Pure. Fucking. Class. 

I do not approve of the peach flavour, but do approve of the colour of the can, so can forgive you for indulging in it.  I assume it's what a pet flamingo would live off of.

So if you hate having to hydrate, but love being ridiculous, 

La Croix.

Water for the fancy folks. 

Available for purchase at Whole Foods + Gourmet Warehouse.