Holiday Wrapping 2017

Round 1: gifts that need to get in the mail asap

These need to get in the mail because I don't want to have to pay for rush shipping like I do every year.

So I did it.

Let's hope that Kyle gets these over to the post office on the speedy.

Ornate wrapping for distinguished nephews

My aunt always sent us the most beautiful kraft paper + beautiful bow presents + they always gave me all the feels sitting under the tree. The classic classics are the best, but I always feel like people expect something different from me each year.

The biggest challenge for me is always my nephews. I want it to be fun + masculine, and I just can't bring myself to use the bright green paper with snowmen on it that I've been storing for the last 3 years thinking I should keep it on hand. So I used this black + gold scrapbooking paper I just so luckily happened to have purchased the other day. 

Colourful Wrapping for a wild sister-in-law + future brother-in-law

And then I found this jungle wrapping from Wrap Magazine over at Much + Little and I nearly died. So obviously I bought it, and I just had to figure out how to make it feel a little bit Christmassy, while realizing I forgot to go ribbon-shopping this year. I pulled all the ribbons out of my desk and found a bit of satin green and a ton of grosgrain red, and as those are simply the most Christmassy ribbons ever, and as the jungle wrap is so green, it's like full Christmas. 

Christmasy Jungle Wrapping for poor unsuspecting parent-in-laws

Unsuspecting as in, I'm sure they're used to it now, but not every daughter-in-law decides that flamingos say Christmas. But this one does!