The Perfect Gift for Small People

Kai's Winter Rain People Bonnet

You might have noticed I'm obsessed with Rain People. 

Indie + hipster + handmade by a total babe mama named Ali -

summarized If you are a person I love + you have a baby you'll be getting one of these bonnets from me.  

As you know, I'm not a parent, so it takes something pretty spectacular to get me to follow a baby bonnet maker on Instagram, but Ali happens to be my sister's best friend, and her aesthetic is so damnnnn that I can't even. I just always kept dreaming about owning these stunners, but like a grown-ass childless person doesn't really need a collection of bonnets

and then

my friends started having babies!

Oh happy (rainy) day!

In linen + wool + with these wild yet magically subtle colour combos you get a baby in one of these + elevate: 


to total


Rain People has 2 pop-ups coming up for all your baby-friend holiday shopping needs- one in Victoria on December 9, and one in Vancouver on December 16th. If you've got a small, small person in your life who needs a ridiculously stylish aesthetic-AF gift from you this winter I suggest pom-poming by. Or of course, you can order online. The featured one looks like it's sold out but you can find a similar style here. 

PS this is not an ad, these bonnets just make me really happy + I've literally been waiting years to be able to start gifting these bad boys.


This photographed bonnet was gifted to my buddy Kai btw.

And he's perfect.

Also, let's not get going on the "it looks good on you, Kyle" comments, OK people. 

but, omg so freakin' cute right!

holy lashes + pom poms