I Love Modern Love (the Podcast)

I truly, madly deeply love Modern Love the podcast, like a chica cherry cola.  (Except better than that because who likes, let alone loves, cherry cola?)  This podcast brings essays from the New York Times to life through dramatic readings by actors.  

It's stories of Modern Love, so it covers all sorts of love, and I find myself in surprising places.  Somehow I am the woman from "In marriage, beware of big boxes"  I thought it was just me but the friend who I recommended this podcast to messaged to say, "sooo, you're the lady from the big boxes" so I guess that's me.

It's stories of love in all the ways it exits today, first love, old love, rekindled love, love of children, of pets, of parents, of family, breakups, makeups, get togethers, sneak arounds, declarations, fleeting love, everlasting love.  It's funny and sad and sometimes funny-sad and sometimes sad-funny, and everything in between.  

After the essay is read the actor + writer + editor talk about it.  I listen to it, but I often feel an essay should just end and let me think about it without more story to fill it in.  It's a snapshot into a world, like a poem, perfectly captured in it's short telling.  But my friend thinks it's amazing and loves to hear the stories behind them. 

Today I found myself with eyes welling up on a lighthearted story about a gay teen going to Prom in "A Prince Charming for the Prom (Not Ever After Though)" written by him when he was just about to graduate high school.  I'm about to chaperone a Queer Prom and I know exactly what eye shadow I'm going to wear (its glittering gold), now I just need to find an outfit to match.  And after listening to this podcast,I also need to find a killer theme.  It just captured so many feelings, the magic and silliness of prom and of dreaming of that amazing first love like you only really can in high school. It got me excited to chaperone, and made me feel so much for the youth I'm working with these days.  

Modern Love.  You're going to love it too.