PSA- Libraries Still Exist

The fact that you can get free books at libraries seems to have been forgotten by a lot of people. Kind of including myself.  When I was a kid I was averaging 60 library books a year and I couldn't wait for the summer so I could lie on a blanket outside reading massive volumes on the grass with my dog. I'm immediately brought back to the mysteries and fantasies and heart wrenching lost loves, and all the worlds that I got to travel to... 

for free

I don't really read any more. Partially I'm too busy, partially I really like to watch TV. I keep buying books I don't read and it's this oddly expensive and unnecessary habit but I look smart AF.

But now I have this super long commute to work every day, 45-60 minutes one way (before you freak out that's actually kind of standard around here) which after doing this for like 3 months I realized that an audiobook would make the time fly by.  With an audiobook on my phone I can travel to different worlds, or even better, listen to some of that pretentious stuff that I want to be able to discuss at cocktail parties but can't ever force myself to get into- except when I'm my own captive audience i.e. driving to and from work.

Audiobooks are mad expensive though and you don't even get to put them on your bookshelf to look really smart when people come over.

I saw someone post on Instagram- anyone know where you can get cheap audiobooks?


it's the library duh.

I mean I kind of knew this, but it took me a while to finally get my act together and got a new library card  [as obviously I'd lost mine]

"Ma'am, I can get that for you, but it's going to be $2" - stern look from the librarian

After a few moments of intense deliberation I decided to eat the whooping $2.

You download the Overdrive App and type in your library card number + start downloading all the free books. Save your money for the pretty covers so people think you're worldly and listen to whatever you want for free in your car. 

so what's the next audiobook i should download?

taking alllLLL the recommendations please