Best Nine Photos 2017 - From Instagram

I had to wait like 3 days for the results from Instagram (everyone else said it took 10 minutes) but I was pretty pleased to see these nine pop up and so I'm happy I waited. You all did a lovely job of liking some of my raddest photos and I thought I'd share them with you.  Last year I only shared my personal picks but this year you're in for a 

super awesome rad treat

because today I'm showing off the ones that the Instagram community picked,

and on Sunday I'll release the ones that I picked. 


Nine- Vegan food doesn't have to suck

This is the year that I found out that weird shit like, avocado pasta, is actually really good. Also, I should stop sneering (so much) at people who say things like "we shouldn't drink milk", because I don't drink milk very often either - unless we're counting almond milk. Because somehow, I ended up drinking a lot of almond milk.  Even though if you're to ask me I'll tell you I do not like almond milk. You can read the whole mind-blowing and hilarious tale here.


Eight - Giving Cherry Blossoms the Cold Shoulder // seven - sisters x infinity 

eight - Cherry Blossoms 

2017 is the year my Instagram Husband (have you seen the clip, it's hilarious) took on the role with a more adventurous and self-motivation heart. He heard that I wanted to try my hand at fashion-blogging which you can read here (I bought an outfit! It was amazing! And upon reflection I realize that I bought this outfit in the spring... maybe I should consider buying another outfit.) and that dope Instagram Hubby said, 

"There is a wall + blossom combo I think you're going to love"

bra. va. Instagram husband. Brava!


seven - sisters x infinity

Sometimes my baby sister + I like to go on photoshoot adventures. She's way upgraded from the days when my friend Hannah and I (scroll to the bottom to see Han) would make Marie take photos of us - 3 photos per outfit until the film was used up (8 outfit changes, 24 pictures to a roll)

Strathcona is full of cool little places for snapping rad pics, even more than the pink wall in front of the gelato shop. Marie + I had noticed them a few times but we'd never seen them show up on Instagram - so here are The McMillan Sisters to your rescue! You're welcome. 

Basically the next day we saw this same overpass show up on Shari + Mike's feed. Have we got an eye for this shit or what?


six - rooftop sunset parties

This rooftop + these friends + this view - we've had a few of these gatherings.

But I finally caught how it feels to be there on camera. 


five - rooftop sunset pizza 

I fucking love pizza.

And sunsets.

And sitting on our roof.

The thing about my love for pizza in 2017 is that Kyle finally pointed it out to me. It's kind of just been in the background up until now. Like, up until this year I just kept asking for pizza without noticing I was doing it.  Sometimes when he points out things to me, like my proclivity to say "I'm so dehydrated" I feel awkward and try to stop, but this one-

Now I just lean in really, really hard and ask for pizza every time Kyle asks me what I want for dinner. It's hardly annoying him at all. 

Also, relating back to above, turns out vegan pizza doesn't have to suck. The above pictured is the Super Funghi from Virtuous Pie and hot damn. It's requested basically every week.


four - the rains in India

This made my personal list last year, so this is an oldie-but-a-goodie, and you can see it here I shared it again this year because it's basically my favourite photo ever. I was feeling very sentimental about it last year so I do suggest heading over to the older post.

But it's so full of magic + colour isn't it?

You can see more from India here and here. 


three - even the ocean leaned into pantone's colour of the year - greenery

I go to Vancouver Island every few months and somehow still, Active Pass makes my heart stop. It's a different colour, shade, temperature, feeling every time. 


two - the power of dance

This year I wrote a piece as part of a fundraising effort by VIDEA (one of our chosen Holiday Charities) and you can read the entire post here 

Very few of my photos from Zambia turned out well - I had a point-and-shoot and the dirt was so red and the sun felt like it was that high noon kind of glare almost every time. But this one, during a meeting with Women for Change,  I feel I captured a little bit what I felt my time there looked like. 


one - besties on the ferry

As promised, here's Hannah who I've been taking photos of and with since I met her in Grade 8 and we made ourselves and imaginary "Roxy Girls" campaign on the lake behind her house. The morning after Hannah made us an incredible dinner (with literally the best salad ever, ever, recipe here) she and I made an early morning jaunt over to the Island and in a classic Eva move I made us super late and we missed our ferry, but it was totally worth it for the sparkling blue of the ride over. See, Active Pass is different every time.

You can read more about Hannah and Eva adventures here.


It was a beautiful year