Strathcona Silk Sleep Mask

My brand new hand printed silk eye mask is the best thing ever.

My sister has long been very annoyed with how little sleep I get.

A) the way that only someone who really loves you can get really annoyed at your poor life decisions

B) because she values sleep + napping on next level levels

C) because she hangs out with my poor husband with the giant black bags under his eyes largely caused by the "hey I'm bored, can you make us coffee?" comments at like 7am on a Saturday.

D) she repeatedly told me that there is a simple solution to this-

because apparently having floor-to-ceiling south facing windows paired with relatively thin let-lots-of-light-in curtains is not ideal for long sleep ins. Apparently it's easier to sleep in the dark. She kept telling me to get a sleep mask. But I didn't. You know, I'm the big sister. I don't neccessarily take obvious advice from the little one.

she finally gave up and got me a sleep mask for my birthday.

It was gifted with equal combinations of love, style, annoyance and well-wishes for the year ahead

holy da-yum, this thing helps you sleep.

It's 8:22am on Sunday and I am only just firing up the computer and Kyle is still sleeping. 

Oh yeah, he also just figured out if he preps the coffee at night and then I can just hit "brew" in the morning i have lost one of my favourite "kyle wake up!" tactics. i am not a fan. 

self-serve coffee? what is this nonsense. 

This mask in particular is especially glorious, as it's hand-printed + locally crafted silk and with this certain level of pressure that feels like a mini thunder vest for my face, I've noticed it helps me get to sleep earlier too. And feel like a total babe.

The salesperson asked if my sister would like a gift receipt in case I didn't like the pattern. To which she replied, 

uh, tough shit.

Fortunately. I love the pattern.

not that she would care. i lost all rights to picking my own pattern by ignoring the sage of advice of a highly qualified sleeper for too many years.

turns out Holly Golightly was onto something.

so was my sister.

ok baby sister, you win this round.

Sleeping in, in this silken midnight garden has been rather luxurious.



This Strathcona Stockings Sleep Mask was purchased at Charlie and Lee

But you can find her things all over the world and online, check her out here.