Three Dog Bakery - A Bakery for Dogs

Ugh, yes. We're those people

and this is a yappy meal

One of the most ridiculous but fun things we do is get our dog over-the-top, fancy, human-styled treats from the dog bakery up the street. 

the dog bakery.

a bakery, for dogs!

[I'm not a dog-mom. I'm a dog owner.]


Three Dog Bakery puts in all this work to make and style fancy things like Yappy Meals + Pugs In A Blanket + they are so beautiful +

All natural — 100% natural ingredients (no fillers).

Nutritious — The same nutrients and antioxidants that are essential to your health are in Three Dog Bakery food and treats … because dogs deserve a balanced diet, too.

Drool-iscious — Tasty treats and food your dog will love.

Mckee loses her shit when we get them for her. She looooves them. And they're so cute.

And like, weirdly affordable. Every time we go in we can't even deal. It's $4 for a Yappy Meal! Complete with miniature red solo cup. $4 for all that work + dog-happiness + super funny dog watching.

and I like to talk a big game but I do actually love my dog a lot

In a weird hipster-my-dog-only-eats-organic-food way

They also make birthday cakes with your dog's face on it!


Is this not just the funniest thing you've ever heard? If our dog could hang out with other dogs + humans I am fairly sure I would throw her birthday parties. As she cannot I will continue to publicly judge people who do + secretly be wildly jealous. Dog birthdays! Oh the planning possibilities. 

come on, get yappy!