The Friday I'm in Love Series

So the big yassss lately is I got not one, but two real jobs!  

The one job started with a massive launch party to open the doors to a brand new space.  NBD.  Just media releases, training the youth, writing polices, finishing orientation, visiting schools, attending meetings, creating staff schedules, setting up email logging systems, all with a 2.5 week turnaround.  

Which means that instead of doing things like blogging and exercising I've been trying to get my feet under me while I sort out my life with these new roles.  I'm... overwhelmed.  

But I still want to blog a lot!

So I'm introducing a new series, hopefully to be published Fridays.  It'll be super short posts about things I'm into,


things I love this Friday

this Friday I'm loving U-Pick tulips from the Abbotsford Tulip festival

- this weekend is the last!

or things am trying out, or thinking about or want to update you on... 

Just short summaries of something awesome going on with me.

They'll be about this long or maybe even shorter when I get better at writing short posts.  And I'm already telling myself to staaaaaap already keep it short -I want to keep writing!

So a few quick thoughts, and some photos that I'm liking, that may or may not be related to the post.

That's it.  I'm forcing myself to stop.

Friday flower love people!