An Epic Adult Easter Egg Hunt - Part I - The Invites

This year K + I are planning an epic Easter Egg Hunt for our adult friends, and sorting out the rules are kind of confusing. I'm going WILD here and posting something before testing it out but here's our plan.

Also, just as an FYI if you're thinking your adult friends might be above scavenging for Easter Eggs, you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Invite the hordes

We sent out an invite asking people to tell us who their teammate is going to be. 


Set the boundaries

To even the playing field and not particularly favour people with cars we set a walkable boundary, about 20 minute radius from the park.

A map will be provided marking the boundary of the game.

We're sending teams in different directions so we know this hunt isn't going to be 100% above board on the fairness - like someone might have a steep hill and some lucky team might get all the flat but they're adults, they can suck it up.


hide the eggs

One time Kyle made me a really simple scavenger hunt for me to complete while he was out at volleyball and I got stuck on Clue 2 and had to wait for like 3 anxious hours for him to come home. Lesson learned! We are not great at making up or solving clues. 

Our original plan was to have a clue at each egg leading to the next egg- but as explained above people could totally get stuck on egg one and be screwed// just coming to get drunk with us at the Brewery instead (which isn't supposed to happen until around 5:30)  Instead we have decided to use a combination of map + clues.

Find your eggs

Each team has their own colour/label of egg, so if there are a couple eggs in the same spot, only take the colour assigned to your team!

let's be realistic, no matter what K + I are going to have to get up
early and hide these things so we're going to double up some hiding spots.

Mapped eggs

Each team will receive a map marking the general spot of 5 eggs. We'll do our best to make sure that the teams each have different eggs on their maps so they don't trail each other. 

Our current plan instead of marking a map, is to hand out a map with a boundary and a set of photos from murals in our neighbourhood. Each team will have to figure out where their set of murals are at and plot a route. Also this means #TheMcHoweEasterHunt will be very Instagrammable.  We'll see if we get our act together enough to make it a full reality, but it seems like a fun photo project.

Do not even think about scoping out someone else's plan. cheaters never prosper. and i'm not above giving penalties and abusing my power as the hider of the eggs.

This will be like old-school egg hunts, you're brought to an area and then need to look for them.

Clued eggs

Each egg they collect from the map will have one or two clues leading to the next egg. Again, they will be mixed up so the teams don't follow each other around.

Each team can collect up to 12 eggs.

Some clues will probably be unsolvable, not because they're too tricky but because Kyle and I are weirdos who think we make things obvious but nobody else gets our references. Again, this isn't going to be entirely fair. Get over it, adults. 

it's a team sport

Don't get weird and competitive, splitting up to get more eggs is just, no.

we're kind hearted

Hunters will be allowed one life line text message clue.

declaring winners

Overall winner


The first team to get all 12 eggs, or the team who shows up at the Brewery at the end of the game wins!


Know the judges. 

We're suckers for costumes + glitter + witty hashtags + dog memes + crafted Easter Baskets.

Who's to say who we might declare the runner up!

obviously prizes will be involved.

But don't get too excited.

We'll send out a text when hunters start coming back, but we also reward gumption.

But aren't we all winners?

The Easter Egg hunt ends at a Brewery.

Also as the judges, we're just going to sit at the brewery waiting all day. 

Rain or Shine

If it's raining we'll invest more into the prize I guess. 

Hop to it Hunters!

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