The Best Toque Pattern + Wool

I always see hipsters walking around with ridiculous toques (beanies for you American friends) pushed way up on their heads + all I ever wanted to do was to own one myself + pull off that toque is 'up too high' look - and yet this seemlingly too basic to bother style remained elusive. That is one day until I combined the perfect hipster wool + pattern + have fallen madly in love with my favourite toque.

I'm really allergic to wool. Sure I get the "it makes everyone scratchy" but when a friend tricked me into wearing wool + left me with a red and inflamed rash on my neck for the rest of the day, I gained the allergy respect I deserved. I can knit with it, but I can't have it sitting on my skin for too long, so I made this toque for Kyle + then asked the community how I could make it ok for my poor sensitive skin to handle it.

Guys, the obvious answer was to use my shit ton of hair as a protective barrier and wear it way too high on my head just like the hipster I always wanted to be!

Maybe the other hipsters aren't so much cool, as sensitive allergic souls just like myself. 

Speaking of hipsters, the wool I use is Brookyln Tweed. Like. That name. How could I not want it? Plus the wool is like, kind of badly made? It's not quite a worsted weight and they call the thickness Shelter. The wool is mottled + goes from thick to thin and isn't consistent. AND HOT DAMN I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THAT. Seriously it makes the nicest things. And they look all unique + lumpy but not gross lumpy. So. good. [if you're into wool you should read how they describe it. Straight up poetry "is woolen spun, meaning the fibers remain in a lofty jumble that traps air and offers remarkable warmth and lightness..."] 

How many skiens of Brooklyn Tweed wool does it take for a hipster to make a toque?

Some obscure number you've probably never heard of. 

But for realz, it takes like 1.65. 

Also, I suppose now is the time to re-acknowledge I made this toque for Kyle + I'm pretty sure he's only got to wear it once. 

Anyway I wear this toque almost every chance I get. The pattern is Roku by Olga Jazzy + I love it + am making it in 2 more colours . Because then Kyle + I can wear our toques together + match. Because, matching. Because, also, less guilty about stealing his toque. 

You can also find the Olga Jazzy patterns on Ravelry.

The colours I used are woodsmoke for the one I've been wearing // soot on my needles // cast iron for the black that's up next. As you know, I like to go really bold and colourful with my choices.

Ok, but for real I can't even. Look at how they describe the colour of soot: "Salt and pepper in equal measure. Soot is a strong cinder grey that bridges the gradient between Sweatshirt and Cast Iron." Shit I want to own that so badly. Well done marketing team. Well done! I also want to buy the sweatshirt colour as I'm pretty sure it's the colour of the sweater I'm wearing in the picture below

so gd fly