I'm Gainfully Employed!

It was a long haul but I got here.

I went from no jobs

to 2 jobs

+ I'm freaking thrilled 

Sorry I missed a few blog posts this week, but like, work [yassss] got in the way. 

It never rains until it pours so of course I got two jobs in rapid succession.

First up, I got a job working on weekends with an incredible local wedding planner.  Because it's my first season working with them I'll just be working weekends, helping with the day-of stuff not taking on the big planning ahead of time.  I get to do things that I love like setting up chairs, + making sure place cards in the right place + holding bridesmaids purses when they walk down the aisle + telling the bride she's a mega babe + walking around in a daze about how amazing this job is.  

That job, while filling a big piece of my creative spirit, wasn't enough to live off of, and I do love those other amazing things like policy writing and whatnot, so I kept looking.  And looking.  I've had a few interviews that fell through in sad ways + very few jobs I wanted to apply to.  Friends [you're amazing] kept sending me postings they thought would suit me, or were hoping I'd work with them.  During this time that felt like it dragged on forever, when someone would ask me at a party what I do I would say "nothing.  I mean I guess house-wifing, but I'm not even doing that very well.  I'm looking for work, but it's hard" Thankfully for my spirit, sometimes Kyle would be there and would say "actually, she's really picky about what she wants to do, and there's very few places offering that type of work.  In the meantime she's working on blogging + being creative."

It was really rough guys.  There were many tears shed.  

And now, finally,

I got a full time position!


My official title is Youth Space Organizer, which means that I think I might have gotten pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  I can't ever really decide what I want to do, but I know what I love so when searching for a job I put together a list-

It would involve a place where I could talk to people, and I'd be on the front line, but doing a lot of behind the scenes work like policy writing and evaluation. I would get to work with vulnerable populations in the community.  It would be a job where I was passionate about the endpoint but would be mildly understaffed so I'd be responsible for everything - like research and newsletters and photography projects and city hall presentations and donor relations and and and and and and and and and - so I keep on my toes, try my hand at a million different things I love to do, and the days fly by while I make a difference in the world...

...and I THINK that's what I'm going to be doing!

Right now my schedule is up in the air and nobody is fully sure what my day-to-day will look like, but that's my jam man.  I'm excited

My day-of planning gig has me working 11 weekends this summer where I'll be spending my time wandering around in Pinterest boards IRL, seeing people with excellent taste and floral budgets being wildly in love.  I worked my first wedding in April, and it's basically a dream life.  You're going to want to follow me on Instagram to see all the stunning days I get to be part of. 

So I went from nothing
to everything all at once.  

I'm freaking out in the best + worst way, and it's awesome.

It's going to be a very busy summer. 



and just as an important note now that I'll be working all the time, 
this blog will still be all my own opinions and does not reflect any organizations I am affiliated with.