Cold Shoulders + Cropped Denim for Spring

I only wear black + stripes + denim basically, so while florals for spring would be very groundbreaking I decided to not go out on a limb + in a power-shop grabbed myself some Eva basics.  

There are definitely some super stylish local babes I follow on Instagram, and they've been wearing what look like flared pants that are too short for them.  Being a tall girl myself, this is a look I have always very actively tried not to achieve, as in, tall chick, short flared pants means no fashion sense + can't figure out where to get pants to fit her.

But the babes are wearing them!  

I was starting to get a hankering myself, but wasn't sure if I could do it. 

The other night I tried to find something to wear and realized that even after all my careful hand washing and dry cleaning and buying mostly timeless classics that not buying much in the way of clothes in the past 4 years meant that I wasn't even just being crazy dramatic when I sat in a puddle of old rumply, starting to fray clothes sobbing, "but I have nothing to wearrrrrrrrrrrr."

ok, ok, the tears were a little crazy dramatic.  
but the sentiment was legit. 

I decided it was time for a power shop.  An intentional power shop which meant I would even go to the Gap [I don't get a lot of joy shopping there but it's a pretty great place to find basics. The lack of joy likely stems from the fact that I used to work there so there were a few years of outfits that were very much employee discount driven.] Power shopping also meant I would try on tons things even though I hate trying on things.  Possibly even denim [highest potential for tears.]

When I got to the Gap there was a table of the babe short flares + every single thing in the store was 50% off!  I found an employee, told her my size (I got it bang on, so that's a good advantage of having worked there) tried on the pants, agreed with her that I looked fab.u.lous. and figured for $40 I could afford to try this style I was nervous about trying out + I didn't need anyone's second opinion + it's ok to be a bit dated when you look back in your photos because it's fun to be a little of the moment so they don't need to last for multiple seasons.  They're a lower rise than I typically like these days, and will probably end up pairing them with a longer untucked tee or tank.  

I also love finding super crazy tight black t-shirts (I don't know, it's just thing, I'm always hunting for the next body suit) and found another very-of-the-moment (I think, I mean it's in all the stores again this year) off the shoulder shirt at Oak + Fort + viola my entire wardrobe for spring was done!

I turned it into a totally spring outfit by pairing it with cherry blossom pink lace up flats [sold out but similar-ish style here]+ standing under some of our beautiful Vancouver trees.  Instagram Husband K. Howe killed the photo shoot, and I knew he would when he started by "don't get mad at me!  I'm pretty sure I'll get something" and then followed with "the blossoms are out in front of a white wall.  I'll take you there." Oh what a lovely man!  I love him so.  

black and denim for spring yassss