Political Downloadable Valentine Post Cards

There are free links to these 5 postcards at the bottom of this post

Rarely does Kyle seem more like a babe to me than in these 2 situations:

1) When he's bossing other people around from a position of authority (like when he's leading a community consultation or something.  I guess "bossing" isn't the right word.)

2) He's doing something political like calling his senator // knocking on doors in a campaign (he's an American so yes, actually his senator)

So, as we are both super far left-leaning, bleeding hearts, nerdy love bugs we decided for Valentines Day this year that instead of adding new cards to our "Love Pursuit" trivia game (feel free to barf over the fact that we have one of those) we were going to send political Valentines to politicians.

I came up with the brilliant idea of making some downloadable postcards as I'm super creative and capable + Marie is too so we decided to do it together.  I spent a bit of time on it and then told Marie "so I have given up but you are welcome to do it for me" because it was actually really hard!  I handed it over to Marie because she is has a side business with her partner illustrating book covers (you can check them out here) and she whipped these up like NBD and made them here for YOU // FOR FREE // to JOIN IN THE FUN! 

I, of course, added some old razzle dazzle to mine with gold + silver paint // various paint pens // felt pens // pencil crayons // a dash of glitter (although with some restraint as I didn't actually want to glitter bomb (this time) / they're postcards so it could get bashed off in the mail.)  

These postcards address some of our concerns with muzzling + restraining scientists, destroying mother earth by forgetting to protect her parks, refusing refugees, and just general lack of love.  

Would love to see if you decorate yours- but of course they are ready to print, cut + send without embellishment if you just want to get writing.  Just click the links to get a downloadable pdf.  


Nothing more romantic than reminding politicians about that on Valentines Day.


at long last

here are your free downloadable POLITICAL valentines.  

- have fun lovers -

Lady Liberty + Huddled Masses                              

Wild About Federal Parks             

rEVOLutionary Valentine                                                                                                         

Love Trumps Hate

A Thing for Science