It Was Wonderful - Movie Review of Wonder Woman

Thought I would try my first ever movie review because I just went to go see Wonder Woman + it was wonderful

I think it's important to note that I watched this at the adults-only theatre which meant I had a cider with my popcorn + holy hell why have I been going to the other all-ages-booze-free theatres? nonsense. 

My Thoughts on Wonder Woman:

Here's the thing.  It's a super hero movie, so it's, well, a super hero movie. It's fun, and there's good + there's evil + heros + that's kind of too basic for the real world + all that stuff.  And no, she's not wearing enough clothes.  Sure, she's super empowered in them, and they explain why you can't wear what is called a "hobble" skirt + literally kick ass at the same time, but did her butt have to be visible at all times?

No, no it did not.  I know this because I generally feel pretty empowered in my form fitting spandex + sports bra that I wear to kickboxing, but it's not going to sell nearly as many movie tickets.  In the movie they also point out that she's like the most beautiful woman in the world, and I agree, so yes, she was very, very lovely to look at, but no, I really don't think she needed to be wearing the full Wonder Woman get up.

But it's exhausting being a feminist sometimes. I just want to enjoy a really good movie and not have to overly analyze whether this was filmed for the male gaze (I think it was not, female director for the win!) and if our female protagonist (ah!mazing!) was being mansplained. Sure her butt was out. Sure she had a heterosexual relationship where the guy explained some things. But I do not want to tear apart a movie where there was multiple strong female characters that passed the Bechdel Test (if you don't know what that is, just watch the video in the link, it's worth your time) with flying colours, because if we tear apart the few chances we have to enjoy something like this they might not make more.  And I really, really want to see more diversity in our movies.

So, now that we're over that, I don't want to tear down this movie and her butt. Because hot damn! This is a movie about a group of badass warrior women who fight for those who can't fight for themselves.  There's character development + women in charge + Wonder Woman speaks like 150 languages + hell, even the bad guy brilliant doctor is a lady who did a pretty killer job of ignoring the charms of our heroic handsome man character.  

There were a few points in the movie where I was like FUCK YEAH I WANT TO GROW UP TO BE HER! And what an amazing thing for a super hero movie.  She was out there fighting the fights that are typically associated with women, and the women's movement that's going on right now.  You know the ones where the women in their pussy hats are out there with signs about POC + LGBTQ+ and all minorities + people who traditionally don't have a voice?  Like women? I was really impressed. She fought for people that everyone else had given up on.  And she did it while jumping like multiple stories + using her cuffs to fend off bullets.  It was dope AF. 

I clearly don't want to give anything away, but there were some really beautiful man friendship moments too.  I just saw a bridal post on my Instagram Feed where a bride and her sister are looking into each other eyes + laughing + crying and the caption said "the kind of thing only women will understand." Like WTF?  Why is that the caption?  It doesn't really help anyone's cause to pretend or expect men not to have just as big hearts + to love their friends with understanding + tenderness too.  The men in the story have some really beautiful stories too + it was, just,


+ it's not too cheesy or girly.  Or too tough + manly. It felt like something everyone can enjoy. It has a great story, amazing special effects, it was beautiful + badass + empowering and on that note-


It was really nice to see that Princess Buttercup who just made very dramatic and helpless eyes while the ROUSes attacked the shit out of her true love Westley has grown up to be the top warrior with like seriously the most sick moves ever who is training the future leaders to be saving people from ROUSes instead of being saved.  Whoop Whoop Whoop.  

(Also as a fun note, Princess Bride popped up in the long list of movies that didn't pass the Bechdel test.) 

Look, I'm not a feminist film scholar + I don't know if this movie was perfect. I'm sure we can debate values + filming choices + story lines + how feminist it actually was + savior complexes, but it was a really good movie if you're in the market for enjoying something. So here's my review:

badass warrior women
go watch this

Badass warrior allies you're welcome to join us at the theatre.  Bring us a drink.
refrain from explaining anything.