Thank You Tumblers

I got my friend E 2 Maggie Boyd tumblers to say thank you.  allow me to tell you why.

My friend E and I met in high school grade 10 and grade 9 respectively.  Obviously as a year older she was // is way wiser // cooler // knows-whats-up and she's always looked out for me.  She told me what residence hall to live in when I followed her to McGill // she introduced me to Freaks and Geeks which I watched from a camp cot in her room in England when I went to visit her and had one of those crazy wild spring breaks // she's always called me on my bullshit in a way that makes me a better person.  So she's one of those forever // amazing // inspirational friends.

She's also the friend I got into the most "trouble" with when I was a wayfaring youth.  

So when she was going through a rough time and said "where in South or Central America would you like to go?" I knew she meant it.  I said "Nicaragua comes highly recommended" she said "I was hoping you'd say that!" and booked my flight for the next week and she left the next day.


I figured I needed to get her a thank you gift.  

E is an exceptional gift-giver.  For example one time I found this switch blade necklace in Vancouver that I loved and was debating if I should purchase it.  The next week it showed up in the mail from Montreal.  I. never. told. her. about. it.  

She also brings me bagels whenever she visits so yeah, she's the best.

While we were in Nicaragua we were served rum in these gritty, simple clay tumblers and E wanted to get some.  We headed to the next town to hit up the market to hunt for local handmade pottery but everything was like BAMMMM I SAY NICARAGUA AND AM MADE FOR TOURISTS BLAHHHHHH. So we left empty handed.

A plan was formed.  

So I played into it- and showed her one of my very favourite Instagram accounts- @maggieboydceramics 1) I love her ceramics, I own basically as much of it as I can and 2) I find her to be soooooooooo funny ("Hairy Christmas HOT TIP: Save 💲Grow your own Christmas sweater this year!" That is Pure. Gold.)   Like I die of happiness every-time she posts something, and even E agreed she was good.

So I got her these tumblers from Charlie & Lee a local shop where I basically want to own every single thing they sell, and they were just too beautiful not to share.  

Then, despite my general lack of artistic skills I decided to illustrate the box they were going to be sent in showing off some highlights from our trip.

Sea turtles // volcanoes // rum // yoga

!!they arrived in once piece!! 
Complete with glowing review:

"Awesome!  These are so perfect.  

Thank you bigly long friend."