Goddess Brunch - the Invites

My sister Marie wanted to throw a Galentine's Brunch at my house for some reason.  She came up with the idea with a 3-day turnaround so it didn't make much sense, and after not actively pursuing it I thought the idea had been abandoned - until this text message exchange:

"sooooo about our Galentines Brunch"
"Galenentine in March?"
"sure, why not?"

so we decided to throw a Galentines Brunch in March.  However, after a wonderful Bellyfit yoga class dedicated to the warrior goddess Athena (yes, we go to Bellyfit yoga and it's for weirdos and we love it which makes us weirdos too) we decided to upgrade from Gals to Goddesses.

I designed these invites on Adobe Illustrator and printed them on 100 lb cardstock.  I really wanted to use the imagery of Beyonce at the Grammy's for my inspiration for the design (let's take a small moment to say yes, Adele is a wonderful performer, but Bey was robbed) because her performance and the way she held herself depicts exactly the kind of beautiful bad ass warrior woman we were inspired to name this brunch after.  However, my artistic skill level decided that a basic kid sun would do an excellent homage without being too overt.

I tried a few downloadable handwriting fonts before I decided that the only way it was actually going to look handwritten was to hand write it myself, so I wrote the design, photographed it (I don't have a scanner) and imported it to Illustrator.  We went through a few iterations of colour before Marie + I agreed on a blush, white and gold theme for the brunch.  

I know conventional wisdom says that necessity is the mother of invention, but I maintain it's actually desire to not get wet in the rain.   I wanted to get some paper to line the envelopes with but a deluge had me thinking creatively at home.  I decided to paint white paper with stripes using Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in gold instead of venturing out, the same paint I used on the back of the invites, which as you can see, really does give a super metallic sheen. Once the invites were printed (2 to a page) I painted them with two coats of the paint and then cut them out so there would be no edge-of-the-paper lines.  

The invites read

Join the McMillan Sisters for a rather spectacularly lovely Goddess Brunch
to be held on twentieth of March two thousand seventeen at eleven in the morning

And it was spectacularly lovely.  Especially as one of the guests is brought fancy bubbles and the other one brought a pie.

beer.  bubbles.  baking.  goddesses.  

The very definition of spectacularly lovely.