The Goddess Brunch

At 6 pm Kyle came home and snapped this candid photo
of the goddess brunch attendees laughing.

We really were laughing that hard.

and yes, Our brunch ended at 6 pm.

It was brunch for 4- Marie Sister, Claire of Livia Sweets, Tess + me.   

There were invites + decor + flower crowns (DIY coming soon!) + waffles + bacon + salad + bubbles + gin + beer + pie + coffee + goddesses + laughter + female bonding + dog best-friendship formed + avocados + perfect blush tulips + leftover photo shoot orchids + general spectacularly loveliness.

The Menu 

Veuve Cliquot (supplied by Tess-Goddess, it was the real stuff + it was very, very spectacularly lovely)
Cheddar + Chive waffles
Spinach + Strawberry + Shaved Almond Salad
Farmer's Market Maple Bacon + farm fresh fried eggs + avocado + roasted garlic mayo
Livia Sweets Lemon Tart with Coconut Crust (this woman uses butter exactly how a goddess should)
Dillon's Small Batch Unfiltered Gin 22 (gifted by a Torontonian based goddess, Lil D (not in attendance), and this gin was crazy beautiful) 

We used a Joy the Baker black pepper + bacon waffle from her cookbook, but replaced the black pepper + bacon with TONS of aged white cheddar + chives.  I find the waffles to be a bit sweet and might try a different one of her waffle recipes next time.

Marie made the roasted garlic mayo + read a few different blog posts about them before winging it- but they all said to blend the mayo. At first we were doubtful that the blending was a necessary step but Marie was very happy she did it, so blend your mayo!  It was roasted garlic + lemon juice + Worcestershire + mayo.  Just ratio it to taste good.  Turns out too that the mayo was a happily wonderful topping as Tess's favourite sauce is mayo.  Claire said hers is butter but we all argued with her, saying butter is not a sauce, it's a way of life, and that she could use butter to add to sauces if she wanted.  She did not change her mind.  

butter is a mother sauce
— Claire Livia Lassam

I made a macrame hanging for the occasion (stay tuned for this DIY post too) to go over the table + then made tassel napkin rings to tie it together and make it seem like the macrame was for the occasion and not just a regular-over-the-table-feature.  I also added a few of the blush tulips to the macrame which nearly ended in disaster as the bar fell + our tall man friend Kyle wasn't there to put it back up.  But we made it work-  as in: Marie carefully supervised me (who is 2" taller than her) reaching as high as I possibly could and getting all MacGyvery with a chopstick to get the yarn back up through the rafters + made sure I didn't die or break any of the dishes in a borderline questionably dangerous stunt maneuver.  

Each place was also set with a handmade, super gaudy, beaded + sparkled flower crown for each guest.  We were very generous hostesses + let the guests pick their own but somehow we magically ended up with our favourites anyway.  

Mckee was very pleased with herself being considered a goddess by the guests, (Marie + I know better) and won herself a few waffles + strips of bacon from her new BFF Tess by not being the literal worst for once in her life.  

But a few waffles + strips of bacon are never enough.  Poor put upon doggie only gained 3 lbs this week.  She's practically wasting away!

Marie made the waffles + ran out of buttermilk with 0.5 cups to go.  Turns out that was a lucky trick of fate as when she got up to the grocery store she found the prettiest ever blush tulips which also helped making the look cohesive.  We realized post invite sending that gold + blush + white was easier to pull off on an invite than with my mostly blue tableware so the tulips really helped out.  We decided to not add gold as the crowns were enough + the humans don't really need to exactly match the decor + it all felt very pretty + goddessy anyway.  

helll YASSSS for our
spectaculalry lovely goddess friends

some of whom attended this brunch