Mail Club - February 2017

This month I kind of dropped the ball on the bloggable mail club situation.  

  1. I had a few cards that just needed to be sent (thank yous // sympathy) and not photographed + put on display.  (Honestly I just forgot to photograph the thank you cards oh well.)
  2. A few pieces of mail ended up in other posts (you can find our Valentine postcards here, or Goddess Brunch invites here, or Nicaragua packaging here
  3. Most importantly I got bogged down by hot glue.  You know that feeling when you've done all the hard work and designed // painted // cut // addressed // and then have one tiny little 2 second job left to do and you leave it for an entire month?  Yeah.  That happened.  I finished 99.999999% of these cards in January and the last 0.000001% which took 2 seconds was finished way after Valentine's Day.  And I didn't feel like I should be working on new cards while these ones were so close to finished.  Sorry about the delayed Valentines to the 2 people I sent them to!   

my very small amount of bloggable
sent mail

In case it wasn't obvious these were sent to a Minnie Mouse enthusiast + a new-to-Chicago resident.  

But lucky lucky lucky me!

Mail Club is starting to work 2 ways!  Over the past little while has been filling my house with beautiful cards // artwork // notes // wonderful idea from friends in the mail!  I seriously freak every time Kyle comes in with some mail in a shape alternative to bills.  So if you want to send me some mail, I'm like super mad down with that.  Just so you know.  

[I did also receive a lovely set of Christmas cards and I love you for sending those dear friends who sent them!]

Now onto-


the way more impressive //
real reason I started mail club
amount of bloggable
received mail!!

From top to bottom left to right:

(1) Hand drawn"Love is all you need" from Jessie in Toronto // (2) "You're my boo" Valentine from my baby sister in Vancouver // (3) Wedding Lily of the Valley from Caroline in Portland // (4) Sled Dog Mail from Elena in Quesnel // (5) Valentine from Aunt Margaret + Uncle Mike in Virginia // (6) Flamingos from Auntie Rhonda in Florida // (7) Stairs from Meghan in North Vancouver // (8) Hugge Kinfolk card from Hannah in the Yukon // (9) Hand painted Painted Bon Accord from Angela

All of these pieces of mail were super special and fun to receive!  I have some follow up fun facts about some of these that might add to your viewing pleasure:

(2) I thought this card was referring to an embarrassing story about a boy in university (pre-Kyle) who looked into my eyes and sang "My Boo" by Usher featuring Alicia Keys in what is one of the most ridiculous moments of my life.  Apparently Marie had forgotten about the story and just thought I'd think the card was cute.  But I died when I got it and put the song on while I read the note inside.  

(3) Getting this card motivated me to finish the hot gluing because even though it's been 10 months since we got married I was totally thrilled to get this card.  Belated Schmelated.

(4) This mail was put on a dog sled + some dogs raced with it from my hometown!!!!  Marie + I were once in the Quesnel newspaper attending this event.  It's like a super big deal.

(8)  According to the inside of my card Hugge is Danish for "a sense of coziness, comfort and belonging all wrapped up into one."  It's the perfect winter sentiment - about sharing meals over candlelight + exploring the world + other wonderful things. Since receiving this card I have felt very strongly that everyone should know about Hugge.  

(9) Do you see that this card is a beautiful artistic rendition of our wedding?  Because it is, and it's wonderful.  

thank you like mad crazy mail senders!