A Month of Sundays in my Jude Skirt

Nothing says Vancouver uniform more than a skirt from Aritzia, and nothing says Eva uniform [oops I mean capsule wardrobe] more than a black outfit, so what's a girl to do? I bought a Jude skirt, in black and at the end of the month I realized that I had worn it every weekend.  Still feel like I slayed it though. Really leaning into this whole capsule wardrobe thing.  

Here's how I made it my own.

You will note I even wore colour one day. And there's both a Cabernet heel and a pink flat.  And florals.  So I'm basically a wild woman. 

I know it's handy to have a list of all the items I'm wearing, but in all honestly you can't buy much of this anymore as a lot of it is pretty old.  Like bought it on sale 2 years ago old. But I still have some hot tips for you, and I think that's more important than buying the exact same thing.

  1. Buy shoes from J Crew. They are the best shoes in the world. Watch for sales, they come up often and are how I stock my shoes closet. Every pair featured other than my Birkenstocks was purchased there.

  2. Steal clothes from the men in your life. I just discovered my wardrobe could be like doubled if I started wearing Kyle's tops. Don't get me started on the bottoms, although I have been known to wear a pair of shorts when I will be seen by few people. Generally speaking his pants don't fit.

  3. I'm feeling hoop earrings again. It's been a while.

  4. Different hair styles count as creating different outfits.

  5. Crop tops work on curvy body types too. Lady's smallest part is right under your ribs, so a high waisted item (like the Jude skirt) plus a crop top that is not skintight and leaves just a hint of skin will leave you feeling slim + hawt. So I never want to hear the nonesense I hear about being too big for crop tops ever again ok please.

Anniversary Brunch

For our first anniversary we went out to brunch + I wore my Jude skirt with

Cabernet suede + Lucite grandma heels. This is one of those current fashions that I think is really ugly but love it sooo much. Just like too-short pants. 
straight hair, just a basic blow out. I almost never get this right // like it, but somehow on this day I got away without adding curls.
sick hoop earrings
silk, super flared out crop top with spaghetti straps from Club Monaco

power shopping

To go power shopping [ugh why would you shop any other way?] I wore my Jude skirt with

the top Kyle wore on our anniversary, [see above!] and just went with the super oversized nature of it + felt all super art gallery-fancy lady in it. You know.  Those ladies that wear baggy clothes yet still look put together? I felt like the long, long sleeves and super stiff nature of the shirt made me look totally like one of them. 
Birkenstocks because I was walking around and wanted to be comfy
leather backpack for loading with sweet finds
Rain People Jean jacket, buttoned once to give me some shape
fishtail milkmaid braids
my rings

Casual Brunch

For a hey, it's Sunday, let's go to brunch, brunch I wore my Jude skirt with

a boxy crop top from Aritzia
my favourite Ethiopian coptic cross necklace that I picked up in South Africa
light straightening iron curls, cause I woke up like this
pink lace up flats
my Tofino Tote for like all the things you must bring to brunch. Like a camera.

bridal shower

for a, hmmm how do I wear all black to a bridal shower shower I wore my Jude skirt with

a black floral top of Kyle's.  This time I tied it in a tight not with just a hint of skin so I looked all girly and showery
a gold bar necklace
white sandals with blue nail polish and blue medical tape to match (I wanted to wear heels soooo badly but I broke my toe!) I figured I could wear white sandals because there was white in the top, and it would make it look all springy.
those "fancy event" curling iron curls.
the same hoops I wore for my anniversary brunch
lipstick cause I fancy, like my curls

so that's it.  a month in my skirt.

and guess what

I'm probably wearing my Jude skirt this weekend too.