The Very Best At Home Manicure Sparkles

I didn't think I did my nails very often but when I was looking at photos of me crafting I noticed that my nails were different in almost every one.  I am now totally justified in picking up a new polish every time they're on sale at the Drug Store (which when you're super into buying nail polishes, happens to be a lot of the time, and possibly you're running out of room in the polish drawer.)

I really like to get a simple gel manicure (shellac) because it stays on without chipping and looks so classy.  I just get them to cut my nails reallllly short and then put one simple colour on them and leave it on for about 3 weeks.  Twice I went and got my gel nails professionally removed - one of those times taught me why you pay someone to do it for you, and the other time nearly destroyed my nails entirely. Based on this one good experience + one keeping-it-in-it's-just-your-nails-perspective traumatic experience I suggest if you like going to the not-super-classy places to get good bargains getting them removed at Pure Nail bar regardless of where you get new nails put on.  I also suggest running screaming for the hills if they come at you with a grinder to get them off.  That shit will destroy your nails.  

Most of the time I just remove them at home, and overall it's been an OK although time consuming thing.  However, last time I did it I had a new nail buffer + wrecked my nails again and they are just starting to get healthy after what is way too long.  I really wanted to get my nails done for an event [actually the event was I was working my first wedding as an event-day assistant!] and I didn't think my nails could hold up to a gel treatment, but I knew I was going to need something that wouldn't chip // would still look classy // I'd be able to do myself without getting it all over my hands

the answer is the sparkle nail

If you need to do an at-home manicure and you can't have it chipping and have any desire to be even remotely flashy go get yourself a million sparkling nail polishes immediately because now you are totally justified in purchasing them. 

For this manicure I used Essie's "Rock at the Top" and would recommend Essie as an at-home nail polish must-have brand.  

Just cut // file // buff // whatever you do // put down a base coat // put one coat of sparkling polish and you done.  You can kind of control how many glitters go on each nail, just leave it gloppy on the end of your brush, or brush most of them off and then put it on your nail.  You don't have to be very perfect about strokes and can kind of use the brush to place sparkles where you like.  Once they dry you can assess if you have enough sparkle and add more if you want. Just make sure all the glitters are totally on your nail, you can push them on or off if they are only partially on.  

blang blang girl.

btw i think you could add some more.

When it's time to take it off just use your remover, but you know how it doesn't chip?  Well, that also means it's a bit harder to get off.  The polish part tends to come off right away but the glitter chunks take a little more patience.  Just keep at it with your cotton ball + remover,  (I love my OPI remover, a little more expensive, a million times more effective) but sigh of relief, no need to break out tin foil + buffers.  

Extra removing work, yeah, but I mean you've been blinding everyone with your crazy beautiful sparkling nails, so it's a small price to pay.  

Sometimes you just gotta sparkle

and not chip.  ok, sometimes you just have to do your own nails and have them not chip.  

but mostly sparkle.